Escaped emu returns home, breaks into horse corral

An emu that escaped in New Jersey was recaptured nearly a week later when he returned to his owner’s property and broke into a horse paddock.

Sandy Roberto Cordasco said she does not know how Vance the emu escaped from his pen on her West Milford property on June 20, nor does she know how the flightless bird managed to break into a horse paddock on her property on Sunday.

“He really is like Houdini,” Cordasco told “This guy is really living, doing his best emu thing.”

Cordasco said she received a message from a neighbor that Vance had been spotted near her 13-acre property on Sunday and she and friend Brandi Weaver arrived to find the emu had broken into a horse corral.

Cordasco said she covered Vance’s head while Weaver tackled the bird to the ground and tied his legs. The emu was then returned to his pen and reunited with his emu brother, Fridge.

“It certainly takes a village,” she said, “and I can’t thank my awesome friends, the fabulous West Milford residents, for keeping a lookout and constantly updating me with sightings.”